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Hello All!

Well, its been a little while since my last post.  I have been working on the site itself this time (for me, not my sports management class) and I thought I would drop a line about what I have been doing. 

I finished my final for my class on Mar. 14th and felt good about everything I had done for it.  The following week-end, as in the 20th and 21st I was able to go to my parents and play with the welder.  I completed 6 ‘new’ sculptures (5 flowers and a butterfly) and decided I should update my pictures on the welding page.  So I got a few pictures of the new ones (and a couple of older ones from last christmas), and added them into the welding picture gallery. 

After completing this I realized I did not have very many pictures of the wooden boxes I have made.  I have been searching through my various computer harddrives (we have three and a 500 GB backup drive) trying to find pictures I know I took.  Unfortunately I have not found very many, but have updated the woodworking picture gallery as well.

I hope you enjoy my photos and let me know if you have any questions.


Still Trying to Get Video to Work

I am still trying to get videos to work, this time using JW software.  It has not been easy, if anyone has any ideas please let me know.  Eventually I would like to get this to work in a widget.


It’s been a few days…

It has been a fairly hectic week and I have gotten away from my project of changing the theme on the site here.  For the last week I have had the theme as the Flexx Dark Theme.  Tonight I am changing the theme to the Flexx Green Theme. 

I would really appreciate any comments.  So far my favorites have been the Bold Theme and the Dark Theme.

Changing Look

If you have been to my blog you will have noticed that the theme I have been using is changed. As a way for people to view different Flexx Themes I will be rotating out my theme to go through the Flexx Multi Pack for the next few days.

If you like something better, or don’t like something at all let me know. I would love to have your input!

Audio, Video, and Images in WordPress

In the last couple of days I have created three pages within the Testing Area of this site.  They are how-to pages for adding audio, video, and images to Pages or Posts within WordPress.  To get to these pages just hover over the Testing Area Link in the menu bar and choose the page you would like to go to.  If you have questions let me know and I will get back to you.

Changes and Suggestions for My Sites

I have now begun to move some of my infomation from my water fitness-based site to this new one.  I am keeping the about me pages the same, but have completely moved the pages about my hobbies.  They now reside completely on here at and

One of my classmates suggested that I start using more pictures of facilities and activities related to the topics.  I like the idea and will start to gather some new photos.  One problem that I will have to watch out for is getting permission from individuals if I have them in the photos.  Since I work for a city entity we have to be extremely careful about using images of our patrons.  We have to have permission and be extremely cautious if a child is in the image.  I may talk to the city attorney before I put any images of individuals besides myself onto my site.

Thanks for the suggestion, and if anyone has any more ideas please let me know.  You can emil me at

Sports Management…

This term I have signed up for the Sports Management course from Eastern Oregon University.  We will be working out way through several projects involving management, commenting on other’s work, and adjusting our own depending on the feedback we receive.  I am looking forward to many of the projects and maybe a little nervous about others, but am hoping to learn some new things that will help me in my current supervisory position. 

Good luck to all of my classmates!