New Name!


ADL Consulting & Design is a new part of my working world.  For over 10 years I worked for the City of Bozeman’s Recreation Department  as well as a part-time Web Consultant for a local business woman.   During the last year I have made several  changes (including resigning from the City of Bozeman), and with that I am looking to enter and grow in the world of running my own business.  Up until recently I worked as a Web Consultant for one individual creating and maintaining her business websites ad those of her business associates.  At the beginning of this year she asked that I look at taking on her business associates as my own customers.  After a little bit of thought I came to the conclusion that it made sense, I would now be able to determine my own fees as well as how much or how little I would like to work.  If you are interested in what sites I have worked on please check the Consulting page on the site.

The Design side of this is more of a hobby.  I am still creating metal sculptures and the occasional wooden box.  If you’re interested, check out the Design page for more information.

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