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Creating Bookmarks in WordPress

I have recently been asked how to add bookmarks to a WordPress Page or post.  The directions are listed on the following page:, although here are the directions for creating these bookmarks within the page as well.

Creating Bookmarks in WordPress is a bit complicated. The first step is
to create an html file that has the link to the bookmark as well as the bookmark
itself that you want at the tip of your page or post.

Example Link to Example Bookmark

Once you have your example link, then put in the text below and create the
place that you want to bookmark the link to.

A graphical despiction of a very simple html d...

Image via Wikipedia

Example Bookmark

Once you have your text in place you must first make a bookmark where you
would like it to be using your dreamweaver directions. Then go back and
make a link out of the text at the top of the page (or wherever you have it)
that takes you to the bookmark.

The next step is to copy the html code from your html file and paste it into
the html code section of your page or post in WordPress. Once there you
will have to adjust the link code as follows:

  • Where the code says — <a href=”#Example_Bookmark”> (which will be your
    link bookmark title)
  • You will need to change this to say — <a href=””>
    • In the case of this page I change this to say <a href=””>
  • Then save the file.

Once this is done the bookmark should work correctly.

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New Name!


ADL Consulting & Design is a new part of my working world.  For over 10 years I worked for the City of Bozeman’s Recreation Department  as well as a part-time Web Consultant for a local business woman.   During the last year I have made several  changes (including resigning from the City of Bozeman), and with that I am looking to enter and grow in the world of running my own business.  Up until recently I worked as a Web Consultant for one individual creating and maintaining her business websites ad those of her business associates.  At the beginning of this year she asked that I look at taking on her business associates as my own customers.  After a little bit of thought I came to the conclusion that it made sense, I would now be able to determine my own fees as well as how much or how little I would like to work.  If you are interested in what sites I have worked on please check the Consulting page on the site.

The Design side of this is more of a hobby.  I am still creating metal sculptures and the occasional wooden box.  If you’re interested, check out the Design page for more information.

Adding Spaces to Pages and Posts

I recently had someone ask me how to get spaces to show up within wordpress.  This has been a difficult item for me to figure out.  I have tried to hit return multiple times, I have added tables, I have tried using <br>, and have not been completely successful.

After searching online I found a forum that suggested the following (

<code><br /></code>
<code><br /></code>

I believe that this may will solve the problem of getting spaces put back into wordpress.  I am going to add two spaces below, save and then add another sentence.

It looks like it is working after saving and re-editing the post.


I have learned I am pretty good at procrastinating studying for my midterm.  This last couple of week-ends I finished a few more metal items.  I even was able to sell the horseshoe hangers that I made.  I was a little excited, I only hope that I can start selling more items in the future.  Below are the pics of the items I finished.  Enjoy 🙂

Mom's Turtle

Big Horshoe Flower

Open Horshoe Flower

Simple Sculpture

Horseshoe Hooks---Sold

Thanks to Ty!

Well, after several years we finally have a finished rock wall in our back yard.  Thanks to Ty it looks great!

Here are a couple pictures, and I have to say it was well worth the money to have him help finish it.

We may have had to help break the rock, but Ty was a wizard at puzzling it together.

It works well with my metal artwork, and at least I know my flowers wont die on me.  🙂

Starting Class Again…

Well, tomorrow is officially the first day of the fall term.  I am not sure how busy I will be since I am only taking one class this go round.  It is the Coaching and Officiating Volleyball course.  I decided to take this class for two reasons.  One, because they did not offer the course that I actually need that is left before taking my capstone, and two, because the rules have changed so drastically that I wanted to ‘bone up’ on them.  I will not necessarily become a volleyball coach, unless it is for the younger generation, but I have thought about officiating.  I am not sure exactly what is involved in that, but it looks like I will learn soon.

With the fact that I am taking a course, I am not sure how much time I will have for either woodworking or welding.  Here is the last ‘flower’ that I have made this week-end.  The fan actually turns (if the wind is strong enough anyway) and the saw blade will turn as well, but I am not sure that the wind would be able to turn it.

Fan Flower 2

Fan Flower 2

Hope everyone had a great week-end!  Talk to you later.

Turtles and More…

I had some more fun!  Dad gave me some broken chain and I was able to make some turtles!  🙂  I think they turned out pretty well.  There are also a couple other items that I did last weekend and didn’t have the pictures up yet.

Here they are:

Turtle #1

Turtle #2

These two were the items I completed last weekend.

Truck Fan Flower

Critter #3

Hope you enjoyed them.  I am sure there will be more to come 🙂

Hey All!

I know that it’s been a while, but I guess that is how things go sometimes.  I have completed a few more projects and just wanted to show some of the things that I have finished.

HorseShue Plant Stand

Hammer Critter

Fan Flower

Little Critter

Let me know what you think!

If you want to see everything I done, go to my welding or my woodworking pages under the About Ang section of my website.

Some New Items!

Recently I have had the chance to make some more ‘sculptures’ out of metal, and I completed a new wooden box.

Form Plug-in test

Hey All-

Just testing out a form Plug-in for one of my employer’s projects.  I hope it will work!



Sorry All, I had to remove this form test do to receiving spam.