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I have learned I am pretty good at procrastinating studying for my midterm.  This last couple of week-ends I finished a few more metal items.  I even was able to sell the horseshoe hangers that I made.  I was a little excited, I only hope that I can start selling more items in the future.  Below are the pics of the items I finished.  Enjoy 🙂

Mom's Turtle

Big Horshoe Flower

Open Horshoe Flower

Simple Sculpture

Horseshoe Hooks---Sold

Starting Class Again…

Well, tomorrow is officially the first day of the fall term.  I am not sure how busy I will be since I am only taking one class this go round.  It is the Coaching and Officiating Volleyball course.  I decided to take this class for two reasons.  One, because they did not offer the course that I actually need that is left before taking my capstone, and two, because the rules have changed so drastically that I wanted to ‘bone up’ on them.  I will not necessarily become a volleyball coach, unless it is for the younger generation, but I have thought about officiating.  I am not sure exactly what is involved in that, but it looks like I will learn soon.

With the fact that I am taking a course, I am not sure how much time I will have for either woodworking or welding.  Here is the last ‘flower’ that I have made this week-end.  The fan actually turns (if the wind is strong enough anyway) and the saw blade will turn as well, but I am not sure that the wind would be able to turn it.

Fan Flower 2

Fan Flower 2

Hope everyone had a great week-end!  Talk to you later.

Turtles and More…

I had some more fun!  Dad gave me some broken chain and I was able to make some turtles!  🙂  I think they turned out pretty well.  There are also a couple other items that I did last weekend and didn’t have the pictures up yet.

Here they are:

Turtle #1

Turtle #2

These two were the items I completed last weekend.

Truck Fan Flower

Critter #3

Hope you enjoyed them.  I am sure there will be more to come 🙂

Hey All!

I know that it’s been a while, but I guess that is how things go sometimes.  I have completed a few more projects and just wanted to show some of the things that I have finished.

HorseShue Plant Stand

Hammer Critter

Fan Flower

Little Critter

Let me know what you think!

If you want to see everything I done, go to my welding or my woodworking pages under the About Ang section of my website.

Some New Items!

Recently I have had the chance to make some more ‘sculptures’ out of metal, and I completed a new wooden box.