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Starting Class Again…

Well, tomorrow is officially the first day of the fall term.  I am not sure how busy I will be since I am only taking one class this go round.  It is the Coaching and Officiating Volleyball course.  I decided to take this class for two reasons.  One, because they did not offer the course that I actually need that is left before taking my capstone, and two, because the rules have changed so drastically that I wanted to ‘bone up’ on them.  I will not necessarily become a volleyball coach, unless it is for the younger generation, but I have thought about officiating.  I am not sure exactly what is involved in that, but it looks like I will learn soon.

With the fact that I am taking a course, I am not sure how much time I will have for either woodworking or welding.  Here is the last ‘flower’ that I have made this week-end.  The fan actually turns (if the wind is strong enough anyway) and the saw blade will turn as well, but I am not sure that the wind would be able to turn it.

Fan Flower 2

Fan Flower 2

Hope everyone had a great week-end!  Talk to you later.

Hello All!

Well, its been a little while since my last post.  I have been working on the site itself this time (for me, not my sports management class) and I thought I would drop a line about what I have been doing. 

I finished my final for my class on Mar. 14th and felt good about everything I had done for it.  The following week-end, as in the 20th and 21st I was able to go to my parents and play with the welder.  I completed 6 ‘new’ sculptures (5 flowers and a butterfly) and decided I should update my pictures on the welding page.  So I got a few pictures of the new ones (and a couple of older ones from last christmas), and added them into the welding picture gallery. 

After completing this I realized I did not have very many pictures of the wooden boxes I have made.  I have been searching through my various computer harddrives (we have three and a 500 GB backup drive) trying to find pictures I know I took.  Unfortunately I have not found very many, but have updated the woodworking picture gallery as well.

I hope you enjoy my photos and let me know if you have any questions.