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Creating Bookmarks in WordPress

I have recently been asked how to add bookmarks to a WordPress Page or post.  The directions are listed on the following page:, although here are the directions for creating these bookmarks within the page as well.

Creating Bookmarks in WordPress is a bit complicated. The first step is
to create an html file that has the link to the bookmark as well as the bookmark
itself that you want at the tip of your page or post.

Example Link to Example Bookmark

Once you have your example link, then put in the text below and create the
place that you want to bookmark the link to.

A graphical despiction of a very simple html d...

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Example Bookmark

Once you have your text in place you must first make a bookmark where you
would like it to be using your dreamweaver directions. Then go back and
make a link out of the text at the top of the page (or wherever you have it)
that takes you to the bookmark.

The next step is to copy the html code from your html file and paste it into
the html code section of your page or post in WordPress. Once there you
will have to adjust the link code as follows:

  • Where the code says — <a href=”#Example_Bookmark”> (which will be your
    link bookmark title)
  • You will need to change this to say — <a href=””>
    • In the case of this page I change this to say <a href=””>
  • Then save the file.

Once this is done the bookmark should work correctly.

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Adding Spaces to Pages and Posts

I recently had someone ask me how to get spaces to show up within wordpress.  This has been a difficult item for me to figure out.  I have tried to hit return multiple times, I have added tables, I have tried using <br>, and have not been completely successful.

After searching online I found a forum that suggested the following (

<code><br /></code>
<code><br /></code>

I believe that this may will solve the problem of getting spaces put back into wordpress.  I am going to add two spaces below, save and then add another sentence.

It looks like it is working after saving and re-editing the post.

Form Plug-in test

Hey All-

Just testing out a form Plug-in for one of my employer’s projects.  I hope it will work!



Sorry All, I had to remove this form test do to receiving spam.

Still Trying to Get Video to Work

I am still trying to get videos to work, this time using JW software.  It has not been easy, if anyone has any ideas please let me know.  Eventually I would like to get this to work in a widget.


Audio, Video, and Images in WordPress

In the last couple of days I have created three pages within the Testing Area of this site.  They are how-to pages for adding audio, video, and images to Pages or Posts within WordPress.  To get to these pages just hover over the Testing Area Link in the menu bar and choose the page you would like to go to.  If you have questions let me know and I will get back to you.