Image Test Area

So to add images we need to know a couple of things.  The first is where the file is saved, whether it is saved to your computer or on a web site.  If it is on the website you will need to know the URL to the file.  (ie.  The second thing to konw is the icon to click on to insert the image.  In the editor page of wordpress there is what is called the kitchen sink.  This is located just under the title and the permalink.   
To insert the image you will click on the icon that is a double rectangle located just to the right of the “Upload/Insert” at the top of the kitchen sink.

Now if you are looking for adding an entire gallary of photos it is a little different.  You will use the same icon to start with, but then select all of the images that you would like to add, then set your gallery settings before inserting it into the page or post.  There is a good 33 second video of this at: